Who Buys Nursing Homes?

Are you ready to sell your nursing home?  Do you know who buys nursing homes?  You must keep your sale desire secret from staff, residents, and family members.  To be sure, can you sell while telling no one?

Here are sources of potential buyers for your nursing home:

Nursing Homes State Agencies

State Agency

Each state has a nursing home government agency.  The Texas Health and Human Services regulates nursing homes in the State of Texas.  Without a doubt, your state will have a unique name.  With this in mind, it’s responsible for managing Medicaid and licensing nursing homes.  They can give you a list of every nursing home.  It’ll contain the owner, owner’s address, and phone number.  In this situation, you can contact each nursing home owner to buy yours.

Property Tax Appraisal District

Nursing home owners either own or lease the real estate. Often, an owner of one nursing home might buy another.  Seeing that, you can examine property tax records.  You will find the name and addresses of other nursing home owners.  You can contact each one to buy yours.

Nursing Home Physicians

Physicians as Nursing Home Buyers

Doctor’s care for people.  Often, physicians start out as medical directors.  Eventually, they want to own their own nursing home.  Specifically, geriatricians are great prospects.  Another source is Medicare doctors.  Without a doubt, they care for the elderly.  They might buy your nursing home.  With this purpose in mind, you can research them on Physician Compare at Medicare.gov.


National Investment Center (NIC)

National Investment Center

The National Investment Center’s (NIC) mission is to support access and choice for America’s seniors.  It provides data, analytics, and connections.  Equally important, NIC brings together investors and providers.  It has a fall and spring conferences.  These conferences offer resources to nursing home operators, investors, and suppliers.  NIC is a great opportunity to find your nursing home buyer.

Industry Contacts

Friends and associates in the industry can help you. If you tell them, they should sign a confidentiality agreement.   They can give your buyer leads.  Don’t let too many people know.  You’ll break your confidentiality when you tell people without the agreement.

Selling your nursing homes can be difficult.  Without a doubt, the right buyers are elusive.  It takes skill to execute and complete the transaction.  Luckily for you, this article should help you find your buyer so you can achieve your own financial goals.

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