Sell Your Nursing Home in 2021

The ‘Silver Tsunami’ has increased the demand for nursing homes. Non-senior housing investors are entering the market. 2021 is the time to sell your nursing home.

Key Factors to Sell Your Nursing Home

Price to Sell


A challenge for selling is pricing. Owners often value their nursing home for what they want. Owners can price on growth and potential. Others want a return on their investment. These pricing methods don’t consider buyers. Buyers want profits. We use cash flows and expected expenditures to value nursing homes. Alex Johnson can help you price your nursing home to sell.

Understand Buyers

Aristotle said, “The fool tries to convince me with his reasons; the wise man persuades me with my own”. The wise seller knows what nursing home buyers want. Buyers want to care for seniors. Investors want a return. Owners want cash flow. Operators want profits. Look from the eyes of a buyer. You’ll understand what they need. Buyers decide with due diligence. Laurex Advisors knows what buyers want.

Nursing Home Due DiligencePrepare Documentation

Investors conduct due diligence before making an offer. They need financials, census data, physical plant, and market information. Buyers need cost reports, payroll information, contracts, and license data. The documentation necessary to buy a nursing home is extensive. Experienced nursing home brokers understand what’s required. They won’t share your information without a confidential agreement and verifying the buyer. Alex Johnson will guide you.


Find Buyers

Steve Jobs said, “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking”. Finding the right buyer doesn’t happen by chance. Investors are qualified by financial stability. Operators need experience. The best buyers own nursing homes. I don’t sell skilled nursing facilities with signs or listing services. Experts sell through relationships and industry knowledge. Experienced brokers know the buyers. Alex Johnson is the person who’ll get your business sold.

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