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Selling your nursing home can be one of the biggest challenges because you don’t want to publicly promote that it is for sale. It is extremely difficult to sell something that you are afraid to tell anyone about.

On top of that, the time it takes with a potential buyer can be overwhelming. The constant back and forth from a prospect demanding more information makes you want to rip your hair out.

This guide is meant to help you sell your nursing home faster and avoid wasting time with demanding buyers. There are 5 areas of your facility that every buyer will want to know about before they will even consider making an offer.

At the bottom of this page is a printable checklist to use as a guide to gather the necessary information about your nursing home. Completing this checklist will compile a complete report to give potential buyers that will speed up the offer process.

1. Print this checklist out

2. Gather all reports & information

3. Make electronic copies for potential buyers

These 5 areas are

Data Analysis Nursing Home


  • Previous 3 years of census reports.
  • Breakdown by payer type

    • Medicare
    • Medicaid
    • Private Pay
    • VA
    • Other
  • Breakdown by month
  • Identify Quality Mix

Cost Reports

  • Previous 3 years of cost reports

  • Provide Medicaid & Medicare reports


  • Previous 3 years of income statements

  • Breakdown by month


  • Identify market area for your facility

  • Provide demographic information for the target market

  • Identify area hospitals

Nursing Homes

Physical Plant

  • Property ALTA Survey
  • Facility Floor plan
  • Major Capital Expenditures
  • Aerial View
  • Property Tax Record

5 Point Checklist To Answer All Buyer Questions

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