Laurex Advisors – Nursing Home Brokerage

Nursing homes signify an acute level of care for the elderly outside of a hospital.  Without a doubt, Nursing Home Brokerages like Laurex Advisors know how important they are.  Firstly, they offer daily care and meals.  Secondly, they offer medical care and social activities.  Given that the elder population is constantly growing, the need for businesses providing such senior care increases daily.

Owners of nursing homes need brokers with experience and knowledge to complete the sale.  By all means, Alex Johnson, CCIM is that broker.  A nursing home brokerage that specializes in skilled nursing facilities is the best intermediary for your success.  You don’t want to let a residential or commercial real estate broker sell your nursing home.  They will learn on your dime and they won’t find the right buyer.  You know nursing homes are a special breed of business.  They’re unique when marketing them.  The unexperienced investor or business owner shouldn’t buy a nursing home.  They can try – and fail.  You need to work with a broker that has experience, knowledge and a network on nursing home buyers that know the business.

Laurex Advisors understands and appreciates what it takes to run a successful nursing home.  First, Alex knows you need to manage your cost.  Second, he knows you need to follow regulations.  Third, Alex knows you maintain high-quality care.  Taking all that into account, Alex Johnson looks at the sale of your nursing home as a strategic business sale and not as a narrow real estate transaction.  You should know, he understands this sale is an important decision for you.  Alex will help you get it right.


Why Use Laurex Advisors?


Laurex Advisors lives and breathes nursing home transactions.  Most important, we specialize in advising and selling skilled nursing facilities.  Moreover, we have extensive business knowledge.

Strategic Approach

Alex understands the operational, and economic issues affecting skilled nursing facilities.  Within that context, our confidential offering memorandum articulates an a successful business scenario.  Our nursing home brokerage uses analysis and reason to justify a top offer price.

Extensive Buyers Database

Laurex Advisors maintains an extensive record of qualified buyers.  As a matter of fact, we track their status and maintain relationships with each prospective buyer.  Laurex strives to keep buyers informed on nursing home tips & tricks.  Not surprisingly, they rely on Laurex to learn about new nursing homes on the market.


Alex Johnson will act in a lead capacity to help complete the sale.   He will qualify prospects and get confidentiality agreements.  Similarly, Alex will respond to inquiries.  On top of that, he will handle due diligence requests.  Alex will manage the process from Letter of Intent to Purchase Sale Agreement to Contract Close.   To that end, Alex is the nursing home broker that will be with you from beginning to the end.  He is there for you.

Personalized Service

Laurex Advisors is the Nursing Home Brokerage that offers Personalized Services to make selling your nursing home easy.

We know your nursing home is a complex, long-term, acute care facility.  Furthermore, you worked hard to make it successful.  With that said, you need someone who will treat the sale of your nursing home as if it was theirs.  That is how Alex handles nursing home transactions, like he was selling his own nursing home.  Most important, he bases his recommendations on what’s best for you and your situation.  Alex is long-term focused and will advise you accordingly.  He will make sure the buyer is the right buyer for you.  With this in mind, Alex qualifies the buyer for you.  You want a buyer who’ll take excellent care of your residents.  Moreover, you want someone who will protect your staff.  To be sure, Alex will find that buyer and get your deal done.

Is a Nursing home an investment?

A nursing home isn’t an investment.  Have you thought about that?  In reality, a nursing home is a regulated, 24-hour, 7-day a week business operation.  By the same token, securities and real estate are investments.  Often, Alex has this discussion with “investors”.   They shouldn’t buy nursing homes unless they have SNF experience.  Knowing a nursing home is a business and not investments is critical.  To that end, Alex finds buyers capable of running a nursing home business.  Alex is the nursing home broker that makes sure that the buyer knows what they are doing.  He looks for buyers who have nursing home experience.  Many times, one partner has the money, and the other has the experience.  That’s okay.   Alex ensures they close while taking care of your staff and residents.  Laurex Advisors finds you the right buyer.

Let me help you sell your nursing home faster: