Are you ready to sell your nursing home?

Be careful about who knows.

How are you going to get the word out when you have to keep it a secret?

Here are some sources of potential buyers
for skilled nursing facilities


Each state has a government agency that supports nursing homes. It is the Texas Health and Human Services for the State of Texas. Each state will have their different names, but they are the state agency responsible for managing Medicaid and licensing skill nursing facilities. You can contact your state agency and get the list of every nursing home facility. This list will contain the names of each facility, its address, the owner of the facility, their postal address and phone number. Each nursing home owner will tell you if your facility interests them.

Nursing Homes State Agencies


Doctors inherently care about people. A number of physicians start out as medical directors and evolve into wanting to own a facility of their own. Geriatricians are often interested in owning skilled nursing facilities. Another potential physician ownership source is doctors that take Medicare within the practice. They are choosing to take care of the elderly. You can research who they are on Physician Compare


Nursing home owners either own the real estate or they are leasing it. Oftentimes, someone that owns one nursing home is interested in owning more. You can examine the property tax records and obtain the name and address of the owner of the neighboring nursing homes. You can contact each property owner and find out if they might be interested in your facility.

The National Investment Center for Seniors, Housing & Care is a nonprofit 501©(3) organization whose mission is to support access and choice for America’s seniors by providing data, analytics, and connections that bring together investors and providers. NIC has fall and spring conferences that provide a large variety of nursing home operators, investors and suppliers. NIC is a great opportunity to find your buyer.



Surprisingly, finding the buyers is the easiest part. Executing and completing the transaction is what takes expertise. This article should help you find your buyer so you can achieve your own financial goals.

Five Methods To Find Nursing Home Buyers