Can a senior housing broker help you save money? Specifically, don’t you want to save money when you’re at the grocery store or shopping online? Of course, selling your nursing home is no different. For some people, the temptation is to sell it on your own. Honestly, that’s a mistake. With the purpose of selling, consider these points when choosing a senior housing broker.

Senior Housing Broker Benefits:

  • Senior housing brokers have access to a pool of buyers with money. No doubt, this requires experience.

Other benefits includeSenior Housing

  • Marketing plans that present your ‘upside’. Equally important, they understand your ‘downside’.
  • Build your market. Trust your senior housing broker, they know what they’re doing.
  • Maximize your sales price. After all, that’s your goal.
  • Direct contact with buyers. Think about it, do you want to deal with ‘tire kickers’?

With offers, senior housing brokers will help you:

  • Select the best offer. Compared to an amateur who only finds one offer.
  • Consider contingencies. Specifically, seeing options you missed.
  • Get Buyer financing. To that end, your senior housing broker will make sure your buyer is qualified.
  • Research track record of the buyer. Analogous to find ‘skeletons in the closet’.

Senior HousingObviously, an experienced senior housing broker is invaluable. Point often overlooked, they can navigate the complicated transaction. For you, your broker’s your advisor.

To sum up, consider these factors for a potential sale. No two transactions are the same. While fees vary, senior housing brokers return many times their fee for you. They create a controlled competitive bid environment. To be sure, your broker will guide you to a favorable outcome.

To discuss how we can help you with the sale of your Senior Living facility, contact Alex Johnson now. Don’t forget, we’re available to prepare a valuation for you.

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