3 Simple Things to Keep Your Team Focused | Business Made Simple Coach

You may have a team of people working under you, whether it’s in your business or at work. Whether as an entrepreneur striving for success with yours-or just trying to keep up and succeed within the company environment -it's important that everyone on your staff stay focused. How do we do this? It couldn't be

What is a Business Coach and How do they Add Value to Your Business?

Do you remember the time when your college professors were available to help with questions? They had a wealth of knowledge and expertise. But in business, we can't always count on getting advice from someone who knows what they're doing - which is why we hire consultants like coaches! The worst-case scenario for any business

The Laurex Plan Gives Business Owners More Free Time

The Laurex Plan Gives Business Owners More Free Time Plano, TX (January 4, 2022) Laurex Advisors today announces The Laurex Plan for the business owners who want to define their corporate vision and systemize their operations. They'll grow their business and have more free time. “We know owners want to fight fewer fires and take

Nursing Home Brokerage | Laurex Advisors-Alex Johnson CCIM

Laurex Advisors - Nursing Home Brokerage Nursing homes signify an acute level of care for the elderly outside of a hospital.  Without a doubt, Nursing Home Brokerages like Laurex Advisors know how important they are.  Firstly, they offer daily care and meals.  Secondly, they offer medical care and social activities.  Given that the elder population

Buying Senior Housing During the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

Senior Housing - What to Watch for When Buying During the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic I'm contacted by senior housing investors during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  They want to buy.   In Corona times, it's hard to get operator attention.  It doesn't matter the type; the priority is taking care of their residents.  Independent living (IL) and continuing

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